Linnworks documentation

This tutorial will explain in a few steps how you can install eBay templates in the software of your middleware provider.

Please check in the first step whether you have fulfilled all the requirements. Then follow the instructions in the tutorial.




( 1 ) Open the linnworks login website and sign in with your login data.


( 2 ) Click the tab SETTINGS in the home screen.

( 3 ) Select the eBay button in the Configurators section.


( 4 ) Click on the button Filled to open the editor view.


( 5 ) Now click on the HTML Source button to get to the HTML view.


( 6 ) In the description field, copy the HTML code of the Simple eBay Template.

( 7 ) Save the operation by clicking the Save button.

If the process has been completed correctly, you can check the template with the Preview function.

Your eBay template has been successfully stored and can now be used.

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