eBay sell your item flow documentation

This tutorial will explain to you in just a few steps how you can store already generated eBay Free Templates in the selling form of eBay.

If you should not have created a Free eBay Template yet, please follow the instructions in the following manual first:

eBay Template - Create & Customize



First download the Template you created in the eBay Template Creator.

( 1 ) If you do not utilise any Middleware, choose I‘m using eBay Sell Your Item Flow.

( 2 ) Then click on the button Download for the download of the Template.



To use a template without Middleware, open the selling form of eBay or edit an existing Listing.

Store all details except for the article description.



( 3 ) Open the zip file now.

( 4 ) For the article description you will require the Item Template.

( 5 ) Store the Template file on your computer and open it with an optional editor. For instance, you may use the Text Editor (Windows) or the Freeware Programme Notepad++.



( 6 ) Copy the entire HTML Code from the editor.

( 7 ) While being on eBay, switch into the article description from Standard to the HTML View.

( 8 ) Now you can insert the HTML Code into the corresponding field.



In addition, you can store your product image in the article description now. The product text may be stored both in the HTML and in the Standard View.

( 9 ) Add a picture - look for the line:

<div class="image"><img src="http://statictmpl.i-ways.net/ebay_fashion/img/i-ways-logo.png"></div>

( 10 ) Open the offer preview of the Listing in another window now.



( 11 ) In order to enlarge the product image , click on it in the preview.

( 12 ) With a right-click on the product image, you can copy the Image address now.



Close the preview and return to the article description.

( 13 ) Now mark the Image Link.

Important! Please ensure to only highlight the characters within the quotation marks.

( 14 ) With a right-click on the Image Link, you can insert the Image address now.



Return to the Standard View.

( 15 ) As usual, your article description can now be added and edited. The Template predetermines the arrangement of the elements. As a result, you will always get standardised Listings.



Finally, your Listing has to be saved.

Advice: modifications to the Template design may be executed in the Template Creator at any time. These will then be applied automatically for all Listings by means of the Free eBay Template.




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