Magnalister documentation

This tutorial will explain to you in just a few steps how you can store eBay Templates in the software of your Middleware provider.

Please examine in the first step if you have met all requirements. Then follow the instructions of the tutorial.




( 1 ) Open the Magnalister Admin View in your Shopware and click on the Tab eBay.


In the following view you will see all Magnalister options for eBay.

( 2 ) Now select the field Configuration.


( 3 ) Click now on Product Template if you wish to store a new eBay Template.


( 4 ) Choose in the following Editor View the button: Edit HTML Source.


( 5 ) Open the eBay Template in an optional editor. Copy now the HTML Code into the HTML Source Editor of Magnalister.

( 6 ) Confirm the procedure by clicking on the button Update.


Subsequently, a preview will be shown to you automatically.

Hence, your eBay Template has been stored successfully and can now be used.

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