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This tutorial will show you in merely a few steps how to integrate eBay templates in the software of your middleware provider.

As a first step, please check whether you have fulfilled all requirements. Then follow the instructions on the tutorial.




( 1 ) Open the epages website and sign in using your login details.


( 2 ) Click on Settings on the epages start page.

( 3 ) Now select eBay settings.


( 4 ) Click on Themes, if you wish to integrate a new eBay template.


In order to use your own template on epages, a sample template must have been edited.

( 5 ) Click on the tab: Select sample templates.


( 6 ) Select a sample template and confirm by clicking the Apply button.


( 7 ) In order to be able to edit the sample template, click on the link of the template name.


( 8 ) Change the view in the editor via the Source tab.


Enter the template name in the Name box.

( 9 ) Overwrite the source code of the sample template with the data of the new template.

Confirm this process by clicking on the Save button.


In the following view you can see a preview of the template. Your eBay template has now been successfully saved and is ready for use.

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