eBay Template - Create & Customize

This tutorial will explain to you in a few steps how to create your own eBay Free Templates and customize them to your respective needs.

If you don’t already have a Free eBay Creator Account, please first follow the instructions here: 

Registration & basic settings



( 1 ) First of all, please sign into the eBay Template Creator with your access data.


If your account has been set up properly, you will be taken directly to the Template Creator.

You can customize the templates ( 2 ) and then view them in a preview ( 3 ).


( 4 ) Template Design – Here you can select a template for your items as well as select a shop view.

( 5 ) You can edit the colour of the shop and item templates. Use either a Color Theme or make up your own customized colouring.

( 6 ) You can also add the Store Name, Slogan  and Description.


Make use of the preview function to see changes straight away.

( 7 ) When doing so, you can choose between the Item and the Shop View. In addition, the Mobile View enables you to evaluate the view on mobile devices.

( 8 ) As soon as you are satisfied with the settings you can finally save a Logo and a Shop Banner. Observe the respective requirements when uploading files.


( 9 ) Important: Save all changes before continuing to the next step.

( 10 ) Now click on Download template to access the download settings.

By the way! You can edit and save an existing template in exactly the same way whenever you wish. The eBay Template Creator then also automatically updates it on eBay.


( 11 ) All you have to do now is select the middleware you would like to use the template for. If you post items manually, then select  “I’m using eBay Sell Your Item Flow”.

( 12 ) When you click on the Download button, a ZIP file with the selected item and shop template is automatically created.

You can find instructions for the installation of the template for all providers on our Help page.



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