Shop Template integration

This tutorial will explain to you in a few steps how to save a Shop Template on eBay generated in the eBay Template Creator.

If you don’t already have a Free eBay Creator Account  or don’t know how to create a Shop Template, please first follow the instructions here:

Registration & basic settings

Create & customize a template



( 1 ) First of  all please sign into eBay using your access details.


( 2 ) Click on My eBay to access your account settings.


( 3 ) Click on the shop symbol in the shop view in the section eBay Summary.


( 4 ) The Seller, manage Shop link enables you to now see the shop settings.


( 5 ) Now click on the Shop Settings link in the Shop Design section.


You can customize the shop view to your needs in the Shop theme and presentation section.

( 6 ) In order to save the Shop Template, click on Change in the Show shop header section.


( 7 ) First of all, confirm that you would like to add additional information to the header.

( 8 ) Now open the HTML Shop Template file in any editor and copy the code into the header.

( 9 ) Confirm the process by clicking on Save settings.


You are now in the shop management section.

( 10 ) Click on Shop marketing.


In order to avoid a header that does not match the template design, you need to deactivate this.

( 11 ) Click on Change in the Headline section.


( 12 ) Now select No in the Shop headline functions.

( 13 ) Then click on Apply.

Your Shop Template has now been fully installed and is ready for use.

Note: Changes in the eBay Template Creator do not require any new changes in the eBay Backend. The Template Creator automatically updates the changes for you.

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