etope 8 documentation

This tutorial will show you in merely a few steps how to integrate eBay templates in the software of your middleware provider.

As a first step, please check whether you have fulfilled all requirements. Then follow the instructions of the tutorial.




( 1 ) Open the etope 8 software and sign in using your login details.


You are now on the etope 8 start page.

( 2 ) Select the eBay file in the navigation bar and then eBay listings.

( 3 ) Now select the Templates file.


In the following view, you can see all available listing templates.

( 4 ) Open a template if you wish to insert a new eBay template.


( 5 ) In the following window, select the tab: Description.


( 6 ) In the Use template section, click on the magnifying glass (select other data set….).


You are now in the overview of your templates.

( 7 ) Click on the Neu tab to insert a new eBay template.


( 8 ) First of all, enter any Template name you wish.

( 9 ) You can now adopt the HTML Code of the eBay templates in the Template header. To do so, open the HTML file in any editor you wish.

( 10 ) Confirm the process by clicking on the Save button and close the window and the overview.


( 11 ) Now select the template you have just created in the Template use drop-down menu.

( 12 ) Finish the process by clicking on the Save & close button.

Your eBay template has now been successfully integrated and can now be used.

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