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This tutorial will explain in a few steps how you can install eBay templates in the software of your middleware provider.

Please check in the first step whether you have fulfilled all the requirements. Then follow the instructions in the tutorial.




( 1 ) To import an HTML eBay template from a file, first of all click on Marketplace menu and then on Accounts table ( 2 ) in order to open the list of the managed accounts.


( 3 ) Then click on the Settings link of the account of your choice.



( 4 ) On this settings window, click on the tab Templates and then on the button Add ( 5 ) in order to create a new template.

( 6 ) Once you’ve created it, double click on it to open the template editor window.


( 7 ) Click on Edit Html.


( 8 ) Click on File/Open file menu.


Once selected the HTML file previously saved, the final result displayed should be like this.

Now click on Confirmation (F12) in order to save your procedure.

Hence, your eBay Template has been successfully stored and can now be used.

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